Wild North Fused Glass Art Shadow Box

WILD NORTH shadow box is a fused glass art done by frit (crushed glass) painting technique. Crushed glass (frit) of various coarseness (in this case powder - the finest frit available) is applied to a glass background, the whole piece is then put into a glass kiln for many hours. The painted scene becomes one with the background while retaining its 3 dimensional features. 

WILD NORTH is finished with a sturdy shadow box style frame made of reclaimed wood and is suitable for various locations from window sills through mantels to centre of dining tables or desks. It also looks great backlit with candle light.
Exposed to a different light intensity during daytime hours and later on to subdued evening lighting WILD NORTH becomes alive, the landscape changes as if the Sun worked its magic on thick blanket of fog hovering over deep mountain valleys and more and more of the landscape features were coming to view, first the close by boreal forest, then the neighbouring mountain range and at last the distant peaks, mystical shadows on the horizon...

29 cm (11 1/2") wide x 18.5 cm (7 1/4") high x 7 cm (2 3/4") deep