Very Unique Custom Made Business Card Cases


Brampton based artisan

As you can see, the process to make these biz card holders is intense.  What I inquired about  was to take the event and chamber colours of teal, navy blue, grey and white to make cases for this event.  Each one would be different as each one is made from a painting.  (see note below).  

I have two colour choices for the case itself, Antique Bronze and Silver (which looks most like stainless steel). The case colour would of course, be based on the colour palette provided.

There are several steps to producing these pieces and they are time consuming as they are all handmade. Once a decision is made on the colour of the base piece, it can take up to a month to receive my order from my supplier. During this time however, I would produce the paintings which need time to cure completely before they are cut and mounted. So I would require at least 6 weeks to produce 40 pieces.