Travel Pouches from Recycled Canadian Flags


Made by Ottawa based Eco-Equitable. Their mission is to provide a bridge to social and economic integration for people in need, especially immigrant women, while greening our community.  All their products are sewn by immigrant women who benefit from this mission.

This versatile pouch is a clutch, a makeup bag, a digital organizer and so much more. Elegant and simple with an upcycled flag exterior detailing and interior lining. The zippered top keeps things firmly inside. The exterior loop makes this pouch an easy clutch for evening wear. Easily fits an iPad.

All pieces are made from black cotton.  The purchase options are for the flag embellishment on the exterior and interior flag lining.

Outer dimensions: 12.25" long x 8.25" high.  Outer: 100% cotton canvas, inner: upcycled nylon flag.  Outside detail: upcycled nylon flag.  Zipper: metal finish.  Each bag comes with an informative postcard sharing the Flagbarer story.

Flag choices:  Canada, Inuit or Ontario - see pictures