The BEST Mug


A minimum order of 10 is required to secure this pricing.

Gorgeous hand made mugs.  I am thinking the green colour from the event page and then white maple leafs as shown in event logo.

These mugs are large and incredibly light weight.  I actually own one, so could show it if has to be seen to fully appreciate how awesome it is.  The last two pictures are of my mug up against another one of my mugs that is already a decent size.  I had a client order 65 of these mugs (with maple leaf) for a conference with some local roasted coffee and they were LOVED by the recipients. 


Mug is thrown on a potters wheel, textured, leaf shapes puffed out, dipped in slip, carved into, bisque fired, glazed and finally fired. This whole process takes several weeks to complete and included two trips up to 1800 degress F. 

We can add a .75lb of local coffee by Barking Barista for a total gift value of $60.00 - see separate gift option for details