Savvy Soaperie - Truly Canadian Beer Soap

Based in the Ottawa Valley, Savvy Soaperie jam-packs their products with beneficial organic plant oils and healthy antioxidants that help restore and nurture the body and soul. They are focused on giving their customers a little slice of happiness that goes beyond a piece of soap. Savvy Soaperie's business is about creating sensational natural products that will inspire, refresh, enliven and genuinely make you feel good!

Truly Canadian Beer Soap features Farmer's Daughter Craft Beer & local maple syrup. Only a hint of each in the soap.  A nice clean, manly scent!

**Sold in packs of two.


PRICE IS ALL INCLUSIVE - product, tax and delivery.  An Itemized receipt will be emailed to you post purchase.

Ships from Ottawa.

If shipped to a destination outside of Ottawa, additional shipping may apply

Please allow 5-7 days for delivery

**If you are ordering for a conference, your purchased items will arrive at the designated event venue/hotel up to 4 days but no later than 48 hours before the conference start date. Please ensure that said venue/hotel is anticipating the arrival of packages so they can hold them for you and have them placed in the onsite event office or your hotel room..A contact name and phone number at the venue will be requested.  Please use the venue address for the shipping address and put both your name and the venue contact name for 'Name' - ie: Suzie Q (Planner) c/o Jane Doe (Venue Contact)