Salmon Sushi Platter (Winner Gift)

PRICE INCLUDES ANY APPLICABLE TAX, DELIVERY AND GIFT WRAP (deduct $5.00 if gift wrapping in house)

I am descendant of the Wolf House (Wilp Lax Gibuu) from Kispiox (Ksan), a Tsimshian Tribe originating in the Hazleton, BC Canada area. My work is a unique blend and balance of glasswork and pottery inspired and informed by my gitxsan and carrier heritage. I use copper inlays to create my design detail which I have created in traditional form work and then 'skeletonized' the design to control the copper movement in the glass creation. Each of my glass "colourways" are created using several colours and layers of powdered glass which are sifted and have gone through a fusing process prior. Glacier Colourway. 5"x 11" with approximately 1/2" depth - Kiln Formed Fused Glass. Authentic Indigenous registered Artist.