Pink Floral & Bee - Hint of Honey by Helen Sawyer

Dimensions: 14" x 18"

Materials used:  Canvas


I learned tole painting about 35 years ago in Surrey, British Columbia. Once I tried it I was completely hooked and haven't stopped since. The techniques have changed over the years and this has enabled me to grow as an artist. Mental health affects everyone and I am delighted to be able to share my art for this worthy fundraiser.



If you would like to purchase this artwork at more than the artist’s posted value, please email us with the name of the artwork & your offer amount, and we will send you an invoice for that amount with a link to pay via credit card’.  Once paid, we will mark as 'SOLD' & provide you with a charitable donation receipt for the amount paid OVER the artist’s posted value. For example, if the artisan’s posted value is $100.00 and you offer to pay $125.00, once payment is made for $125.00, you will be sent a charitable donation receipt of $25.00.