Ontario Fall by Mervyn Finch

Dimensions: 3 panels.  Middle panel 24" x 36" & side panels 12" x 36" each.

Materials used:  Acrylic on canvas


Born in Wolverhampton, England in the early 50's into a large, working class family of 14 children and me being the fourth youngest. I was a natural artist and have had no formal training. I left school at 15 years and worked as an apprentice carpenter for 3 years until joining the British Army, where I remained until retiring in 1992. I emigrated to Canada in 1997 and carried on painting, sculpting, carving and doing general artwork.

I spotted the farmhouse on my way out fishing some years back whilst on the road to Eaganville from Douglas Ont. The maples and the farmhouse looked so settled and permanent that I had to capture the scene with a slight modification in perspective to render it a triptych.

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