Morse Code Bracelets for Breast Cancer Awareness Month Campaign

October is the month to raise awareness and funds in the fight to end breast cancer.  Being a breast cancer survivor myself and seeing so many of my friends, family,colleagues and acquaintances be touched by cancer in some capacity or another, I wanted to find a Canadian artisan to work with to create a campaign and raise some money to donate to the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation.

Meet Merina with MerSea Studio, aka, the Morse Code Girl.  Merina lives in Vancouver and is a wonderful artisan of reclaimed silver and gold jewelry including the True North Collection, and morse code bracelets and necklaces.

I approached Merina with the idea of a campaign for October breast cancer awareness month. We decided to go with 3 Morse Code bracelet options:

1) Fuck Cancer

2) Cancer Free

3) Breathe

These bracelets are made from a black silk cord and silver charms.

From each bracelet sold, $14.00 will be donated to the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation.

This is a limited time campaign and will end at 7pm on Sunday, October 8th.  There are 30 bracelets available for purchase.  Each one will be custom made.  Please allow up to 21 days for delivery.

Price includes shipping within Canada. We can ship directly to a gift recipient and include gift wrap and a note card with your message. 

These bracelets are not meant to be removable.  They will break (after a long time). Not only is your bracelet an secret, but also an attachment, to both your wrist and your soul.

Thank you for your support!

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