I Shall by Lynette Deir

Dimensions: 36" x 48"

Materials used: Acrylic on Canvas


Born and raised in rural Ontario, Lynette aspired from an early age to become an artist and began self teaching.  Choosing to educate herself in art related fields (Fashion and Floral Design) opposed to art education, she remains with her own styles and methods.  Mastering her line work with ink at the age of 10 she continued her teaching by moving to watercolour and now her beloved acrylics and mix medias.  Fashion and Floral has played a major role in the movement of her artwork.  Textiles incorporated, textures created and floral's that burst with life.  Lynette paints what she feels from faces to landscapes, but remains always true to herself. "I've been given a gift, so I use it and not restrain it", she says.  In 2010 Lynette opened Stoneblossom Floral Gallery in Ottawa, ON. to collaborate all her love into one entity and create the perfect studio, open to all.

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