I am a Pyjama-Lovin’ Llama Illustrative & Activity Book


Yvonne Craig-Isfan, from Canada and recently re-located to California, has published her second book.

This is a beautiful book young kids will absolutely love. It features a quirky llama who loves to wear funny pajamas on adventures with Zoogeez friends.

It has funny rhymes and images that will put a smile on parents and kids alike.

Also available is a 92 page companion activity book with over 50 activities ranging from puzzles, to drawings and coloring. Hours of fun!

PAJAMA-LOVIN' LLAMA" is an adorable Zoogeez character that loves to wear different pajamas while having fun with friends. 

"I AM A PAJAMA-LOVIN' LLAMA Activity Book" has over 50 activities to keep kids busy and to continue reinforcing the book's "Be Yourself, Love Yourself " lessons.
Activities include:
-crossword puzzles
-connect the dots
-color by number
-find objects
-match images
-word search
-find hidden words
-draw an image using a grid

Your kids will love it.

"I AM A PAJAMA-LOVIN' LLAMA: Be Yourself, Love Yourself" illustrated book is about an adorable llama in the Zoogeez series that loves to wear different pajamas while having fun with friends. The book is about being yourself and loving yourself and includes fun images and rhymes kids will love.

"Some Days ... I Feel, a book about BIG FEELINGS during difficult times" illustrated book is part of the Zoogeez series and teaches kids who are having a hard time dealing with big feelings to talk to their parents and then sit quietly on their own and just breathe.