Hand Gilded Metal Leaf Mountain Wine Glass Set

Set of 4

These NEW mountain glasses incorporate high gloss white glass paint first.  The artisan maps out the shape of the mountains like this, then they can customize whatever colour of mountains you would like. The chosen colour of leaf will be applied over the white paint, but the peaks will remained white as snow :) This new design was inspired by the artisan living near the beautiful Rocky Mountains. They are a a skier, hiker, lover of lakes and oceans and most of the time there are mountains near by. If you know a wine lover who is also a lover of any of these things, or anything else outdoor-sy then then these hand drawn and gilded mountain stemless wine glasses are perfect. 

These Wine Glasses have been personally hand gilded by the artisan with metal leaf. 

Colours available are:

1. Silver with White

2. Copper with Silver