Framed Pacific North West Print

These are 6” x 6” Inspirational Art Cards by visual artist Bernadette McCormack. Each one is created from an image taken from one of Bernadette’s original paintings. Each image is inspirational and is intended to “Soothe the Soul”. 

The artist's inspiration: 
"I start with a painting, either acrylic on canvas or watercolor on paper. Once the painting is complete, it is digitally scanned at a high resolution. With that scan, I am able to have the cards digitally printed onto card stock paper. My images usually relate directly to what is happening in my life. Something I have felt, seen, longed for, contemplated. I am spiritually driven to express my life visually. I live in a valley on Vancouver Island. I live inside a hug. Everywhere I look, there is divine beauty and lush growth. Living in the Pacific Northwest is one of the biggest blessings of my life." ~ Bernadette

Framed as shown in picture. The frames are handmade on Saltspring Island.  The framed print will be signed by the artist.

Comes in a gift box