Custom Designed Large & Lightweight Mug with Branded Coffee



Gorgeous hand made large & lightweight mugs.  

Hand crafted in Ottawa

Design thought:  Dark charcoal background with flame from Mortgage on Fire logo - pretty much the same as the pictures but replace maple leafs with flames


Mug is thrown on a potters wheel, textured, leaf shapes puffed out, dipped in slip, carved into, bisque fired, glazed and finally fired. This whole process takes several weeks to complete and included two trips up to 1800 degress F.   

I have worked with this artisan for 3 clients to date and the mugs are very well received.  I own one myself and it is my water mug.  The light weight for the size of the mug is amazing!  I am also happy to provide a reference of a client who has ordered these.



Will include custom logo label with short message.

Rocky Mountain Roasters 1lb bag is available in three different blends. 

 Rocky Mountain Blend

Rocky Mountain Roasters signature coffee. Combined from Central America and Africa. Intensely aromatic with a medium body. 

Mountain Grizzly

A medium dark roasted blend of Asian and Central American coffee. Strong and powerful yet complex with a smooth taste. 

Backpackers Brew

A superb blend of African, Indian and Central American coffees with a smooth body and pleasant dark roast taste. 

About Rocky Mountain Roasters

In 1995, the purchase of a small warehouse in Jasper, AB and a small batch coffee roaster sparked the beginning of Rocky Mountain Roasters. In early years Rocky Mountain Roasters was producing approximately 12,000 lbs of coffee per year and servicing many local coffee shops, grocery stores and offices. As time passed product lines expanded to include portion packs, filter packs, and a full line of retail packaging. This allowed Rocky Mountain Roasters to offer all encompassing coffee solutions and market their brand across the country. 

With friendly and efficient service to the various food and beverage outlets in the region, the company progressed from producing a first blend to purveyor of a wide range of coffees, teas, hot chocolates, condiments and associated products.

With coffee came the need for reliable brewing and dispensing equipment. This sparked the expansion of Rocky Mountain Roasters product line once again. They joined the equipment business and began selling, maintaining and repairing high grade coffee equipment. Rocky Mountain Roasters now provides an extensive line of equipment for all your coffee needs. 

With a wide range of coffee products, equipment and coffee services Rocky Mountain Roasters is proud to have established themselves as a major player in the Rocky Mountain Roasters is proud to have established themselves as a major player in the Rocky Mountain coffee industry.