Cheese Board with Inukshuk Engraving & Wood Spreader


Hand crafted in Ottawa

Size: 11 inches x 5 inches x .75 inches - shape and design can be created to what you would like (with handle, without handle and dimensions),  2nd picture is olive wood

4" Inukshuk engraved into the wood on right or left side (horizontal)

Material: maple or walnut.  Single tone only.

1 spreader included and made from same wood.

Gorgeous grain and colouring will complement your table and your food. Rubber feet on bottom ensure no slippage or scratching your table surface. Finished with food safe beeswax creme. Size shown: approx. 8" x 4" x 7/8" thick.- size proposed is larger but still carry-on luggage sized.

These boards can be used for cheese, pate, crackers and grapes etc.

Its color is natural there is only a coat of mineral oil which has been added to bring out its color.

Easy to maintain wash you it normally (no dishwasher) and when it begins to be rough or dull give you it a coat of mineral oil.

Can be used on both sides.  Boards are waxed for preservation & protection.