Complete Canadian Collection of Linocuts

The complete collection of linocuts of the maps of the 3 territories and 10 provinces of Canada. The territories and provinces are illustrated with some of their symbols, the plants and animals which represent them. Each block was inked 'à la poupée' (with different colours, green and gold, in different areas) and printed by hand on lovely Japanese kozo (or mulberry) paper. Each print is 23.5 cm by 31.8 cm (9.25" by 12.5").

The symbols of the Yukon, its official bird, the Raven and its flower, fireweed cover the hand-carved map of the Yukon.

The symbols of the Northwest Territories, its territorial symbols the gyrfalcon and mountain avens flowers cover the hand-carved linocut map of NWT.

The symbols of Nunavut, its territorial symbols the rock ptarmigan and purple saxifrage flowers cover the hand-carved map of Nunavut.

The symbols of British Columbia, its provincial flower, the Pacific dogwood (Cornus nuttalli) and its animal, the Spirit Bear (also known as the Kermode bear, a white morph of the American Black Bear, Ursus americanus kermodei) cover the hand-carved map of BC.

The symbols of Alberta, its provincial animal, the big horn sheep and its famous flower, the wild rose cover the hand-carved map of Alberta.

The symbols of Saskatchewan, its provincial bird, the sharp-tailed grouse and its flower, the Western red lily cover the hand-carved map of Saskatchewan.
The symbols of Manitoba, its provincial animal the bison and flower the crocus (Anemone patens) cover the hand-carved map of Manitoba.

The symbols of Ontario, our provincial bird the common loon and our flower the white trilium cover the hand-carved map of Ontario and the Great Lakes.

The symbols of Québec, its provincial bird, the snowy owl and its tree, the yellow birch cover the hand-carved map of Québec.

The symbols of New Brunswick, its provincial bird, the black-capped chickadee and its tree, the balsam fir cover the hand-carved map of New Brunswick.

The symbols of Nova Scotia, its provincial bird, the Osprey and its flower, the mayflower cover the hand-carved map of Nova Scotia.

The symbols of Prince Edward Island, its provincial bird, the blue jay and its tree, the red oak cover the hand-carved map of PEI.

The symbols of Newfoundland and Labrador, its provincial bird the Atlantic puffin and flower the purple pitcher plant cover the hand-carved map of The Rock (and Labrador).