Stain Glass Candle Lanterns

Price shown includes gift, tax, clear box, glass tealight candle holder, tealight, matches and delivery.  Also includes white craft gift bag and red tissue plus a made in Canada sticker.  However, on site assembly of gift packaging will be required.

4" x 4" x 3" high

See pictures below for some examples we have done for clients.  Pretty much any design and colour combination can be done!

A Canadian family-owned and operated business since 1995, based in Niagara – this product is the only of its kind on the marketplace.

The artisans hand-craft their mixed-media candle lanterns out of their own blend of waxes + architectural stained glass, together. 

The architectural stained glass, paired with the luminosity of a soft candle glow, makes for a sublime combination.

Being reusable with simple little tea-lights makes it even better.

The unique union generate an enchanting light play through the various characteristics – patterns, textures, gradients and colours of the select glass, contrasted yet complimented by the soft, timeless, luminosity of a flickering candle ambiance.

The artisans work is exclusive, and not available in retail stores - only at Canadian handmade juried event in Ontario.

They utilize heritage artisanal “slow process” techniques to craft our pieces in small batches without machinery. 

Their objective is to make beautiful yet functional art objects by combining primarily these two centuries-old disciplines– candle-making and stained glass artistry. 

Our compositions emerge from an appreciation of daily life:  elements from nature, art, literature, the human spirit and their juxtaposition with light play.