California Dreaming by Mary Jennifer Brauner

Dimensions: 12" diameter

Materials used:  Collage, paint and ink on a vinyl record


I have been an artist and poet. since the age of 2 when I discovered the crayon. Life for me is poetry and art and expressing that language to make the world a better place. The mind is powerful. We are the art of our mind. I beleive that art allows us to have mental well being and emotional health when we realize we create our reality... all it takes is some music imagination and a paintbrush.

This was made based in the song from the Mamas and the Papas a band in the 1960s. Its a picture of a woman dreaming of sun and the beach. Her hair has brown leaves. When I look at the record and listen to the lyrics, ( All the leaves are brown and the sky is grey....) I realise we all can relate as we all wish for California weather while we are now in Canadian winter. However it reminds me more of the fact that dreams and the dreamer are resilient. The sunshine always comes ...always. Daylight is here every day no matter what. We must smile and wake up every day because we are made to succeed. Our perception is our reality. Dreams come true. Every time you look at this record, remeber life is a song, it has high notes and low notes but it’s what makes music. So sing this song remember you are strong and resilient and be California Dreaming.



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