Dog Lover's Bundle

1 pkg Barking Barista Coffee & 1 pair Dashing Dogs Socks


'Drink Coffee. Help Dogs'

Barking Barista is based out of Pembroke and are fast becoming Ottawa's favourite coffee! How does Barking Barista help dogs?:

  • They donate a portion of all sales to help a dog or a rescue in need
  • They allow dog-related charities to buy and resell our coffee for profit
  • They attend, sponsor, and support many dog rescue fundraising events
  • They donate coffee to rescues to serve during their fundraising events

Muzzle Punch: offers deep black infusion/ sweet followed by notes of bittersweet dark chocolate, malt and black licorice.

A Ruff Morning: offers a juicy, delicious coffee from the gorgeous Atitlan area in Guatemala. A crystal blue lake surrounded by volcanic mountains. Naturalist Alexander von Humboldt called this region “the most beautiful lake in the world”. You can taste the beauty in your cup.  Medium/Dark heavy body, chocolate, tart cherry

Squirrel!?!: is a result of a direct trade with Chalos from the Huila mountains. Tasting notes/ Raw almond and milk chocolate notes

Just Neutered (Decaf): a full flavour coffee, without the caffeine. A Dark Roast Brazilian coffee, “neutered’ using the Swiss Water Process. This means that 99% of the caffeine has been removed without the use of chemicals. A very humane way to decaffeinate. Tasting Notes: Full flavor, dark chocolate, smooth


Women with shoe size 5-9.

Men with show size 7-12

85% Cotton
10% Polyester
5% Spandex

Machine wash, cold (30 °C / 86 °F). Do not bleach or iron the socks. To reduce damage, line dry. They will last longer if you keep them out of the tumble dryer.


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