Assemble Your Own Wood Inukshuk

Wood Inukshuk

Assemble your own Wood Inukshuk with these 6 reclaimed, recycled pieces of wood cut and sanded. 

Great for stacking and balancing fun!

The Inukshuk have a long history in the Inuit culture and were built (out of stones) by the Inuit people in Northern Canada. They were often built as landmarks for navigational purposes on travel routes by the Inuit and other native peoples of the Artic region.

Today they represent Inuit art and culture.

Set includes:

6 pieces of reclaimed wood, and a card

Comes gift packaged.

A one-of-a-kind gift, eco-friendly and culturally rich in Canadian History!

Dimensions: once assembled the inukshuk will stand approx. 11" high and approx. 8" wide