3/4 lb of Barking Barista Coffee

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Barking Barista Coffee

.75lb, 12oz

Blends in order of pictures:

Hair of The Dog  

A lovely coffee from Nicaragua. We roast this Fair Trade, Organic coffee to a medium roast.

Tasting notes: nice sweetness, yellow plum, butterscotch

No dog hairs involved!

A Ruff Morning 

A juicy, delicious coffee from the gorgeous Atitlan area in Guatemala. A crystal blue lake surrounded by volcanic mountains. Naturalist Alexander von Humboldt called this region “the most beautiful lake in the world”. You can taste the beauty in your cup.
Heavy body, chocolate, tart cherry
You just can’t have a Ruff Morning with this in your cup!

We are very proud of this coffee. It is a result of a Direct Trade with Chalos himself. Check out our blog for more about our 2016 Origin Trip to the Huila mountains.

Tasting notes/ Raw almond and milk chocolate notes

Just Neutered - Decaf

This is a full flavour coffee, without the caffeine.

A Dark Roast Brazilian coffee, “neutered’ using the Swiss Water Process. This means that 99% of the caffeine has been removed without the use of chemicals. A very humane way to decaffeinate.

Tasting Notes: Full flavor, dark chocolate, smooth