Quiz Surveys & Polls for Marketing & Events

Would you like to use professional level quiz surveys or polls in your marketing or at your events that can provide you with the following, but without high cost monthly/annual commitment AND all the work is done for you?:

  • Logo and colour branding 
  • Text Only or Image & Text based quizzes/surveys
  • Analytics via screen shots - daily, weekly or monthly for an agreed upon amount of time (see sample pic below)
  • Individual Leads and Results - via Excel Spreadsheet
  • Overall Results Capture (see sample pic below)
  • Custom branded Bit.ly URL
  • API for website/app embedding
  • API for website pop up or announcement bar
  • Direct quiz/survey takers to the result page or to another URL
  • Branch Logic available.  See below for more info.

If you have done the research, you will know that this professional level of quiz survey & results software costs $800 or more, annually ($70-$80/mth). 

We are offering this invaluable service for organizations that only wish to conducts a quiz/survey a couple of times a year but still have full access to results and leads.

QUIZ SURVEY Options & Basic Pricing (all features listed above except Branch Logic):

Basic includes either a results page where quiz/survey takers can see the overall results or instead of a results page, they can be re-directed to another URL (ie: the next year's conference site)

Text Only Quiz/Survey- $30.00 base price plus $0.50 per text answer.

Image & Text Quiz$30.00 base price plus $1.00 per image answer option.


POLL Options & Basic Pricing:

Single Question Text Poll - $20.00 base price plus $0.50 per text answer options (no images) 

Single Question Image Poll - $20.00 base price plus $1.00 image & description answers 


Advanced quiz surveys:  

There is a more advanced option available.  This includes multiple re-directs based on answers.  It is referred to as Branch Logic - here is a video about it.  Branch Logic would cost $45 plus $.50 or $1.00 per answer option as described in the basic pricing.  

Contact us to receive more in depth information regarding the options available and to receive a quote.