Corporate Holiday Gift Services


Picture above shows some of the gift wrap materials we will be using for our gift boxes.  90% natural materials including dried plants and berries.  Zero plastic!

GiftRevel now offers the following 3 corporate gift services 


1) Custom gift boxes curated to your gift preferences and budget.  Begin the process by taking our Gift Preferences QUIZ.  The quiz will get us both on the same page with regards to your corporate gifting hopes and expectations.

Minimum order is 10 gift boxes.


2) GiftRevel curated themed gift collections you can pick and choose from to curate a fabulous gift selection.  Prices for these collections INCLUDE: products, applicable taxes, receiving/pick-up/handling, gift box service with themed decor (includes materials and labour).  Prices do NOT include delivery or shipping.  We have partnered with GopherIt Deliveries.  Please contact us for a delivery or shipping quote.  Please have all the recipient postal codes available for the quote.

Minimum order is 10 gift boxes with a minimum of four or more same selected products for all the boxes.


3) We can create a private online storefront for your company including your corporate branding and messaging.  We will work with you to curate 4-8 gift bundles of local and Canadian made goodies each at the same budget value.  Your employees and/or clients can be directed to the storefront URL and they can choose which gift box they would like to receive based on THEIR personal preferences, to be hand delivered to them (if in Ottawa/Gatineau) or shipped within Canada. We will issue a discount code for the value of the gift bundles which the recipients will receive via email or text, good for one use.  We can set a deadline for orders and once they are ordered we will provide you with a list of recipient orders (names) and issue you an invoice for the total. The delivery and/or shipping will be invoiced to your separately when items are delivered/shipped.  We can provide you with a quote for delivery/shipping once all possible recipient postal codes are received.

Different storefronts can be created for different price points as required.

Minimum of a total of 50 gifts boxes required.

Sample corporate gift storefront for a per gift budget of $100-$110 including local delivery or shipping. These gift bundles before delivery/shipping are valued at $85.00. Click Here

We can accommodate budgets from $50 - $250 per gift all inclusive (including delivery/shipping). Contact Us to further discuss this gift service option.