Gift Concierge Service & Fees


GiftRevel's gift concierge service is an indispensable tool for conference managers, event planners, weddings, corporate gifting and more.  Ultimately, we will be your favourite outsource service. 

We will save you countless hours of time. Finding suitable corporate gift options is only the beginning of this journey, especially if you are looking for branding or custom designed gifts. 


    If all goes well and according to plan, your average expected time commitment to this ONE TASK ON YOUR EVENT CRITICAL PATH, is approx 20 hours. We also dare say, that gifting also falls way down on the list of priorities with venue contracts, food & beverage, event contingency plans, registration and so many other tasks that are crucial to your event's fiscal success or failure.  

    Our white glove gift concierge service will save you & the organization you represent, time and money!

    Who is behind

    My name is Rosemary Vaughan, I am Ottawa born & raised, and I have been working in the events/conference industry for more than 18 years both as a certified event manager and as an industry supplier.  My background is quite extensive in marketing, promotions and social selling (over 10000 social network connections, mostly on LinkedIn & Twitter). I have a well researched and networked reach within the industry.  I am a former board & committee member of Meeting Professionals International Ottawa and committee member of Professional Convention Management Association, Canada East Chapter. Over time, I have connected face 2 face with more than 1000 Conference & Event Managers in Canada.

    Connect with me on: 

    Twitter (@tech2meet)






    We typically build our fees into your set budget and at the equivalent of 10%.  Depending on the quantity ordered, our artisans provide GiftRevel with a discount of between 15-25%.  Whatever the discount amount over 10% provided to us, we pass along to our clients.

    If you prefer to roll all additional charges (tax, shipping & concierge fee) into your per gift budget, please consider the following:

    Set per gift budget is $50 (the average budget we have seen over the past two years.

    Assuming a 20% artisan discount, we will look at gifts that typically retail at $50.00, bringing the gift cost down to $40 and from there we will add any applicable provincial tax, shipping to our Local Gift Ambassadors who handle gift wrap and hand delivery to your venue (additional charge) or other specified destination and our fee of 10%.  This will bring the gift price back up to the regular retail of $50.

    What do you get for our concierge fee?

    • Initial Gift Preference Quiz to uncover what your gifting needs & wants are
    • Creative conceptualization to best match your gift requirements
    • Subsequent customized quiz with at least 9 gift options based on your previous quiz responses and budget...drawing from over 300 Canadian artisans that we have hand selected from MORE THAN 9000 artisan profiles.  These artisans have been selected for both their products being deemed suitable for the corporate market, and for being able to customize or brand the products.
    • Once one or more gifts selected, we reach out to the artisans selected to discuss the creative concept and to negotiate pricing and deadlines.
    • Go between during the contract fulfillment period.
    • Review gift wrap requirements.
    • Contracting of one of our Local Gift Ambassadors who will gift wrap and hand deliver the gifts.
    • Contract monitoring and follow up


      Gift Wrap Service

      Gift wrap is optional and can be included in your set budget.  We will pre-determine this with you once you complete our Gift Type Preference Quiz.

      We have Local Gift Ambassadors in the major conference cities who receive the gifts, gift wrap them and hand deliver them to the event venue or other pre-determined location.

      Gift wrap service fees will range from $5.50 to $8.00 per gift, depending on size, quantity and whether package branding is required.

      Numbers for consideration when deciding whether to engage our gift wrap services:

      Gift wrap materials - approx $2.50 - $5.00 per gift

      Gift wrap service - $3.00 per gift

      Approximate number of gifts wrapped per hour - 10 

      Hand delivery to the venue - included


      Ready to engage our services?  Click HERE to access our Gift Preference Assessment & Event Details Form and get started on finding the perfect Canadian artisan gift for your recipients.

      We look forward to hearing from you!

      Team GiftRevel