Gift Concierge Service

Forms & Pricing

GiftRevel's gift concierge service is an indispensable tool for conference managers, event planners, weddings, corporate gifting and more.  Ultimately, we will be your favourite outsource service. 

We will save you countless hours and will find 5-7 perfect options to choose from as we are connected to do business with more than 150 artisans across the country and work from a categorized library broken down by location item originates from, type of gift, themes, price, materials used, quantity available and turn around time for larger orders.  The majority of our artisan affiliates can provide custom/personalized/branded gifts.

Ready to engage our services?  Select one of the following Google forms for submission or send us an email to with your requirements to get the conversation started.

Individual Concierge Gift Sourcing Service (one sourced gift for one recipient)

Multiple VIP Gift Service for Event & Conferences (one gift for multiple recipients)



Multiple Gift Service

We charge $38 for a gift search for the multiple gift service.  This will provide you with 7-10 gift options to select from. If you choose one of the gifts and make your purchase through, we will waive the $38.00 fee*.  

We work within your pre-set, per gift, budget which includes the gift item, applicable taxes (some artisans charge tax as they sell more than $30k per year, but most do not), delivery to the final destination & the concierge fee.  Not included is gift wrap/boxes. This will range from $2.00 to $5.00 per gift depending on size of gift & quantity.  Gift baskets may result in higher wrap fees.

*Minimum qualifications:

10 or more gifts

$15.00/gift budget

For less than 10 gifts, please see the individual gift sourcing service pricing below.

Individual Gift Sourcing Service

For our individual gift sourcing services, we charge a $10/gift sourcing fee plus the cost of the gift which includes the gift, any applicable taxes, delivery to the final destination & the concierge fee. The minimum per gift budget required for this service is $50.00/gift for up to 9 gifts.  For 10 or more gifts, please see the Multiple Gift Service above.

Gift wrap is extra and will range from $2.00 to $5.00 per gift depending on size of gift & packaging requirement.  Gift baskets may result in higher wrap fees.