Gift Concierge Service

GiftRevel's gift concierge service is an indispensable tool for conference managers, event planners, weddings, corporate gifting and more.  Ultimately, we will be your favourite outsource service. 

We will save you countless hours and will find a minimum of 6 perfect options to choose from as we are connected to do business with more than 300 artisans across the country and work from a categorized library broken down by location item originates from, type of gift, themes, price, materials used, quantity available and turn around time for larger orders.  The majority of our artisan affiliates can provide custom/personalized/branded gifts.

Gifts will be wrapped and delivered to your event venue or host hotel 48 hours before the event begins.

Who is behind

My name is Rosemary Vaughan, I am Ottawa born & raised, and I have been working in the events/conference industry for more than 18 years both as a certified event manager and as an industry supplier.  My background is quite extensive in marketing, promotions and social selling (almost 8000 social network connections, mostly on LinkedIn & Twitter). I have a well researched and networked reach within the industry.  I am a former board & committee member of Meeting Professionals International Ottawa and committee member of Professional Convention Management Association, Canada East Chapter. Over time, I have connected face 2 face with more than 1000 Conference & Event Managers in Canada.

Connect with me on Twitter (@tech2meet)

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