I am an Artist & have a Great Gift to Add!


Thank you for taking the time to look at this opportunity to gain exposure to, and potentially make money from, your product(s).  I have hand selected the products that we are featuring on GiftRevel.com as they fit very well with a niche but lucrative marketplace. Before you read on, please note that there is no charge to be in our artisan product showcase or to be a part of our coast to coast artisan library.  Costs are on the back end and ONLY if there is purchases and YOU set those pricing/discounting parameters in the artisan submission form for which a link can be found further down.  We want everything to be win/win/win - for you, for us and ultimately, for the client!  

Why should you consider being a part of GiftRevel.com?

Did you know that Canadian cities host more than 500,000 meetings & conferences annually and have a Canadian economic impact to the tune of more than $29 Billion? See the economic impact report here.  

In a recent survey of 50 Canadian conference managers, it became apparent that there is a lack of personalized gifting for conference & event VIPs including plenary speakers, dignitaries, facilitators, sponsors, lead volunteers, prospects and more.  Donations are great, especially if the speaker requests that, but there has been a shift towards coming back to personalized gifting. Researching appropriate gifts takes a lot to time and the majority of conference/event managers have a VERY comprehensive to do list.  I have heard time and time again how sourcing gifts for event VIPs is the bane of their existence and how they would love a place to go to purchase gifts with conferences and travelling VIPs in mind.

Why a destination focused business?

The buy local movement is ripe and conference managers are happy to buy local but this can end up with countless hours of research to find locally made gifts that are high quality and appropriate for the audience.  Destination gifting also provides a ‘green’ factor to their gifting by helping their conference to reduce its carbon footprint through reduced transportation costs and carbon emissions.  It also helps to increase the economic revenue within that city during their conference.  These are all things that are looked at closely by the Convention & Visitor Bureaus and Destination Management organizations when they look to expand their event capacity through hotels and venues and a myriad of other factors.  Customers will not be restricted to ordering from the event city if they see an item in another province that they like and would like shipped to the event destination.

Who is behind the website and why does that matter?

My name is Rosemary Vaughan, and I have been working in the events/conference industry for more than 15 years both as a certified event manager and as an industry supplier.  My background is quite extensive in marketing, promotions and social selling. I have a well researched and networked reach within the industry including:

  • More than 7200 connections between LinkedIn and Twitter with just over 30% being conference & event professionals (find me on Twitter: @tech2meet)
  • 800 followers on Pinterest, many boards are targeted at events/conference folks
  • 1100 on FB with many event planner friends, but this is mainly for personal postings.  I will have an FB page for Gift Revel and will purchase some carefully targeted FB ads.
  • A client & prospect list of in excess of 900 Canadian conference & event managers,
  • Until recently was on the communications committees for Professional Convention Managers Association (PCMA) and Meeting Professional International (MPI) assisting in running their social networks, I was also on the Board for MPI Ottawa as Director of Strategic Education - National Meetings Industry Day
  • I will continue to social sell & promote, target destination specific conferences and attend industry events & conferences to promote Gift Revel. Targeted online ads, blog, event sponsorship etc.

Some extras

We are offering a Gift Concierge Service where we source VERY personalized gifts for VIPs based on research into their likes & dislikes, hobbies, activities etc.

There is also a blog called ‘Destination Insider’ which will feature the artists/suppliers, townie secrets and more. Suppliers will be invited to submit blog articles as well.

How do you become a featured artisan?

Fill out this form and we will review your product & information and if we feel it is a good fit with our site, we will include you in our showcase & library for consideration when an opportunity arises.  There is NO charge for this!  We will also be working with some artisans to include their products in our destination focuses online store.  This will be coming later this year.  Again no charge to participate other than a sliding discount if there is a purchase.  Discount will range from 15-25%.  The artisan submission form is a good place for you to start to set those parameters from the get go! 

ARTISAN SUBMISSION FORM: https://goo.gl/forms/fhZwooG7iVACJxQF3

Because conference managers often need to purchase on average between 5 and 25 gifts per conference, the orders will run through our website (Shopify platform) and, in turn, we will place orders involving your products through your website.  It will be easier for the customers vs having to place several orders in different places, and they will only have one invoice. Industry suppliers (audio visual, hotels, convention & visitor bureaus, event decor companies)  will also be able to purchase gift certificates for the conference planners.  So yes, ultimately, WE are your customer but there is a fair bit of administration to process these orders, but we figured we needed to start somewhere!

There is NO cost to be listed or featured on the website.  If I have a perfect fit for your product with a conference/event/corporate need, I will get in touch and we will discuss the opportunity and see if it is a good fit on both ends taking things like budge, quantity and turn around time into consideration.

Interested?  Fill out the listing request form above and let's get started!!

Any additional questions can be directed to Rosemary Vaughan at rosemary@giftrevel.com