About us

The buy local movement is ripe and conference managers are happy to buy local but this can end up with countless hours of research to find locally made gifts that are high quality and appropriate for the audience.  Destination gifting also provides a ‘green’ factor to their gifting by helping their conference to reduce its carbon footprint through reduced transportation costs and carbon emissions.  It also helps to increase the economic revenue within that city during their conference.  These are all things that are looked at closely by the Convention & Visitor Bureaus and Destination Management organizations when they look to expand their event capacity through hotels and venues and a myriad of other factors.  Customers will not be restricted to ordering from the event city if they see an item in another province that they like and would like shipped to the event destination.

Who is behind GiftRevel.com?

My name is Rosemary Vaughan, I am Ottawa born & raised, and I have been working in the events/conference industry for more than 18 years both as a certified event manager and as an industry supplier.  My background is quite extensive in marketing, promotions and social selling (almost 8000 social network connections, mostly on LinkedIn & Twitter). I have a well researched and networked reach within the industry.  I am a former board & committee member of Meeting Professionals International Ottawa and committee member of Professional Convention Management Association, Canada East Chapter. Over time, I have connected face2face with more than 1100 Conference & Event Managers in Canada.

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Where do I ship my gift(s) to?

We recommend sending the gifts purchased via GiftRevel.com to the event venue or primary host hotel.  This will differ from your billing address.  Please provide the name of the venue, address, the name of your conference c/o the name of your contact at the venue who will receive your gifts on your behalf and their phone number.

Do the gifts arrive gift wrapped?

Gift wrap is available.  In most cases we can roll into the overall gift budget.