Glass Serving Plates - 2 Options (Runners Up Gifts - but smaller options available for Judges budget as well)

PRICE SHOWN INCLUDES ANY APPLICABLE TAX, DELIVERY AND GIFT WRAP (deduct $5.00 per gift if doing gift wrap in house)

**If you like these, this artisan is currently checking his inventory but likely does have 3 smaller size options available for the judges.

***He also has a 13" bowl of the Galaxy design that will be $155 inclusive that would be nice for the winner.

All pieces are made by Nathan Adler (Ojibwe/Jewish) a member of the Lac Des Mille Lacs First Nation.

Option #1:

Fused glass bowls and plates, with dichroic glass strewn or spiraled like asteroids across a field of stars, hand-made in our Glasscraft Studio. Each piece is 100% unique, no two are exactly the same.  9.25" x 5.5"

Option #2

Colours of the Medicine Wheel. Each piece is completely different, made of various sized pieces of coloured glass in different shapes and sizes creating entirely unique and never repeated designs. The flat bottomed medicine wheel bowl has 4 even sections, with 7 bits of dichroic glass as line divisions. 
These pieces are great for smudging, and ceremonial use, or just for the aesthetic beauty of this ancient Anishinaabe symbol, and a reminder of the various teachings of balance, change, seasons, and stages of life.  7" x 13" - in the picture, it is the top left hand corner dish

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