ABC Employee Recognition

Sample script:

We are very grateful for your ongoing commitment and service excellence that helps ABC be the the successful company it is.  Without employees like you, ABC would simply not be on the same playing field.  We have hand selected the below Canadian artisan gifts in recognition of our outstanding employees.  Please select one of the following Canadian artisan gifts and check out with your address for delivery.

*these gift examples are valued at $100 (can be $30, $50, $75 etc).  For more than one price point, we can do a store for each one.  You will be provided a link to each store front which you will share internally with the corresponding recipient and price point.  Admin may be $30-$50, Tech $50-$75, middle management $75-$100 etc.  

Each gift option comes with a full description including materials, size, care, artisan info and any back story that may apply.

We require a $500 account set-up deposit up front and will provide a monthly statement of gifts ordered plus invoice once the initial deposit has been consumed.

Maximum of 9 gift options. Gifts can be added or replaced with new selections once every 3 months.  We will suggest new products that come available and that fit within your gift criteria.

5% of proceeds will go to (emerging young Canadian artisan fund or Earth Day)...Info to follow.