Gift Concierge Service

Our gift concierge service is an indispensable tool for conference managers, event planners, weddings, corporate gifting and more.

We are connected with more than 150 artisans across the country and work from a categorized library broken down by location item originates from, gift type, themes, price, materials used, quantity available and turn around time for larger orders.

We can work with you for one suitable gift for all your VIPs, multiple gifts based on gender, theme, culture, or varying budget distribution. We also provide an individual gift sourcing service. Is your VIP or client a dog lover, gardener, new parent or grandparent, nature lover, tech geek, book worm, candle collector, foodie or maybe they are like Frank Underwood from House of Cards who "has no patience for useless things".  We will find out and find 3-5 suitable gift options within budget for you to select from.  Whether it is 150 delegate gifts with a $16/gift budget or 5 speaker gifts with a $50/gift budget, we've got suitable options for your needs.

The Artisan Showcase below features a fraction of the artisans we have connected with over the past 6 months. While many of these products are of Canadian influenced, many of our affiliate artisans are able to make custom pieces in quantity including personalized or branded gifts.

Ready to engage our services?  Click on the button immediately below to access our request forms and pricing.

We look forward to becoming your favourite outsource service!

Gift Concierge Service Request Forms


"I had the pleasure of working with Rosemary back in October when I was bringing a group of 60+ delegates to Ottawa and I needed custom gift ideas with a local flair. Rosemary took my request and custom designed gifts for the group and larger gift baskets for some VIP's. Everything came packaged beautifully and ready for delivery right to the host hotel & event venue.  NO MESS, NO FUSS!  The gifts were well received and fit perfectly with the overall theme. 

I will definitely use GiftRevel for my future events!"

Miranda Salvatore, Red House Events

"This will go down as one of my favorite speaking opportunities. The MPI Ottawa chapter has been amazing and the speaker gift I was so kindly given courtesy of was the most thoughtful professional gift I’ve ever received.  It encompasses a few of my favorite things, road trips, cookbooks, and even coloring books for my kids". 

#howdidtheyknow #welldone

Troy Peters, Video West Inc